Website Renovation Meeting - Дистанционное обучение

Website Renovation Meeting


Meeting Objective: Status updates and team tasks for the website project

Topics to cover:

  • Review metrics data
  • Review heat map and usability test – identify next steps on potential improvements
  • Discuss whether to proceed with an in-house photoshoot or purchase a stock photo: in-house photoshoot is more cost-effective and customized but 2-4 week lead time, ~$500 to get existing photos from external vendors
  • Review website feedback from internal stakeholders – refer to email
  • Are there any other case study galleries that people like and think we should model off of?

Status Updates on Action Items:

  • Michelle to request final approval of navigation structure from Jim.
  • David to forward marketing materials and content that we’d like to publish on the site
  • Tomasz to run security review and gather requirements


Hosted By admin
Начать 20 декабря, 2020 @ 5:25 пп
Категории: Strategies
Продолжительность 30 минут
Timezone Atlantic/Azores

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